Environmental Compliance


Neil, as part of his Environmental management responsibilities continually sought to minimize waste generated and lower the cost of Environmental compliance. This resulted in the initiation of two projects which had environmental themes, the first was a target of reducing the amount of material being sent to landfill and the second was based on focusing on Energy Conservation and Efficiency to reduce costs.


The objective of the project was to identify opportunities for recycling or reusing the waste being sent to landfill. Two companies were identified which were interested in the waste streams generated by the company. Some of these waste streams had commercial value so it was possible to negotiate an agreement with one of the companies to subsidize the non commercial streams with the commercial waste yielding an overall net income with a corresponding Environmental dividend.


The financial benefit was a reduction in over €20,000 in landfill costs with a net income from the Licensed Recycling Contractor of approx €10,000 yielding an overall benefit to the business of €30,000. The Environmental dividend over a five year period was a reduction of over 50% (351 tonne to 176 tonne at present) in the amount of material being sent to landfill.