Surface Treatment Technology

This is the core competency of CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES. We have over 35 years experience in the installation, commissioning and operating Chemical Processes used in the Surface Treatment of Metals. Many of these processes are complex and dynamic which require constant monitoring of product. We have a proven track record in trouble shooting where good analytical skills, quick decision making and effective corrective and preventative actions are essential for the efficient management of the operations.

We have provided solutions to a number of industry sectors using Chemistry to achieve specific outcome on metallic surfaces.


  • CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES have managed a number of projects in the Aerospace industry including the successful commissioning of an automatic Platinum Plating plant and the reconciliation of Platinum metal usage in plating of turbine blades and vanes.

Medical Device Industry

  • CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES have provided solutions for a number of FDA regulated and ISO 13485 registered companies who manufacture or supply Medical Device products.
    • Some of the solutions which we have delivered to these company include the delivery of Chemical Technology support and subsequent Training programmes for the installation of Cleaning and Chemical Passivation Lines for Stainless Steel.
    • We have provided similar services for the Electopolishing for stainless steel wire products for a Medical Supply manufacturing company.
    • CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES has also worked with chemical cleaning specialist companies such as FAHY ANALYTICAL Ltd. to deliver solutions to the Medical Device Industry

Electronic Industry

  • We have managed a number of projects in the Electronics industry such as the metalising of Aluminium for further electroplating in conventional Copper/Nickel/Chrome.

Automotive Industry

  • We have managed a number of Electroplating projects in the Automotive industry. Some examples of the processes managed include:
    • Acid and Pyrophosphate Bright Coppers.
    • Bright, Semibright and Satin Nickel.
    • Hexavalent and Trivalent Chromium.

Fashion Industry

  • CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES have extensive experience in Precious Metal plating of consumer products including companies who were at the leading edge of some of the newest trends in the fashion industry. Many novel plating finishes have been commissioned for the Spectacle and Costume jewellery industries such as 8-24k Gold Finishes in White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rosé Gold, Normal and Antique Silver, Palladium, Rhodium, and Black Ruthenium plating processes.

Hardware Industry

  • Neil has worked in companies manufacturing hardware products for the building and consumer goods sectors. This experience covers electroplating processes such as Copper/Nickel/Chrome, Bronze, Brass, Zinc and Tin plating.  We have also designed and operated anodic oxidation of Aluminium (Anodising) processes.