Technology Training

CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES can provide Technology Training in the fields of Chemistry and its application to Metallurgy as an integral or separate part of our service.

We not only offer customized engineering and project management solutions focused on our customer’s requirements but also continue to support the chemical process technology throughout the entire project life cycle. An essential component of this service is our total commitment to delivering bespoke Training Programmes for each project.

These training programmes are designed to improve existing skills or introduce New Skills to personnel operating the processes. The programmes focus on how knowledge of chemical technology processes can:

  • Improve product quality
  • Decrease operating  costs
  • Extend the product usage
  • Improve Chemical Safety Awareness
  • Reduce Environmental liabilities by eliminating both input and output wastes

Our solutions offer maximum value, from the delivery of complete new installations to productivity and quality improvements of existing lines. CSTT has delivered training solutions to all of its customers on completion of its projects.

Examples of some of the training modules covered are:

  • Atomic and Crystal Structure of Metals and their alloys.
  • Metallurgy and Corrosion.
  • Chemistry and Reactivity of Metals.
  • Chemical Surface Treatment of Metals
    • Electropolishing
    • Passivation
  • Principles of Electrical and Chemical Deposition.
  • Process Control in Chemical Processing of Metals.
  • Chemical Safety Awareness.


We can design and deliver bespoke Training programmes on any of the above or related topics. Just contact us.