Smithstown Light Engineering

Smithstown Light Engineering installed an automatic Passivation Line for passivating Stainless Steel components at the end of 2013.
Neil played a vital role in assisting the commissioning of this new Line. Neil’s technical expertise was an essential component in the successful completion of the project by providing tehcnical support and delivering training programmes covering the following areas:


  1. Understanding of the Chemistry of Passivation and the effect on the metallurgical properties of stainless steel surfaces as well as outlining the compliance requirements for the ASTM A967 & A380 Passivation Standards.
  2. Outlining the guidelines for best practice in compiling Chemical Process Control procedures for monitoring and maintaining the process to meet customer requirements.
  3. Delivering a Chemical Safety Awareness Training programme to train staff on the essential safety procedures when operating a chemical processing plant.

We were delighted with the professionalism of the service and detail in the programme delivered by Neil

Dermot Hale, Quality and Validation Engineer: Gerard King, Managing Director/Owner